Follow the Money: Nissan

Conservatives and, for that matter, a large segment of American’s responded very favorably to Nissan’s “With Dad” commercial during the Super Bowl this year. This week’s ‘Follow the Money’ article in RedState takes a look at this ad and the automobile manufacturer:

The Super Bowl is a perfect snapshot of American commercialization and pop culture. As a Dad, I’m always watching the commercials with a lens of what my children are seeing as well, and many times, it’s not a lot of images that are suitable for toddlers. “Family friendly” gets harder and harder to find, even though many commentators pointed out the heavy use of fatherhood as a thematic element in many of this year’s Super Bowl commercials.

Not surprisingly, some of these ads were met with mixed reviews as some suggested that spots like Dove’s “Men Care” and Toyota’s “My Bold Dad” hinted at a shifting role of fatherhood and a softening of masculinity from traditional expectations. However, Nissan’s “With Dad” slightly veered from that path by highlighting themes of hard work, sacrifice and a nuclear family.

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