Follow the Money: Planned Parenthood’s WMD

Planned Parenthood’s Action Fund serves as the organization’s weapon of mass destruction when it comes to the political arm of its twisted operation.

In an Alliance Defending Freedom article, Marissa Mayer describes how money is funneled into the abortion giant through tax dollars and how defunding it would directly impact the election results. She references a recent ThinkProgress piece that explains how Planned Parenthood is using this election year to build business, quoting:

“Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards told ThinkProgress that her organization plans to spend at least $20 million to help win key Senate races and the presidency this November. While some of that money will go toward paid media like radio and television ads, a large portion is going toward building a grassroots army that can help elect Hillary Clinton to the White House (emphasis added).”

The sad, and frustrating, truth is that Planned Parenthood operates on taxpayer dollars and donations from companies and organizations that consumers are supporting everyday. 2ndVote has conducted extensive research on one particular organization that is helping fund the abortion industry – United Way. Learn exactly which chapters have donated to support Planned Parenthood here. And remember, one voice (or dollar) can make a difference.

Also, be sure to visit our Planned Parenthood page to learn which companies support the world’s largest abortion provider.