Forbes Shows Corporations, Hillary Clinton on Same Side of Ex-Im Debate

A recent Forbes opinion piece highlighted the ties between Hillary Clinton and corporate support for the renewal of the Ex-Im Bank:

Just like Hillary Clinton, the Ex-Im Bank is at the beck-and-call of some of America’s largest companies. In 2013, 81% of the bank’s taxpayer funding directly subsidized big businesses. Roughly two-thirds of its money helped a mere ten businesses, some of which had profit margins in the hundreds of millions or even the tens of billions of dollars.

These companies don’t need help from everyday Americans, even if Clinton thinks they should. Interestingly, two of the bank’s biggest beneficiaries—General Electric and Boeing—have also donated to the Clinton Foundation. Now they’re lobbying Congress around the clock to keep the Ex-Im bank alive, and Clinton supports their cause. It might also help that Ex-Im’s chairman, Fred Hochberg, was bundler for Hillary in her failed 2008 presidential run.

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