Former Wells Fargo CEO Resigns From Target & Chevron Boards

In a story that keeps developing, John Stumpf, former CEO of Wells Fargo, has now resigned his positions from the boards of Target and Chevron effective immediately.

Stumpf stepped down as Wells Fargo’s CEO earlier this month after fraudulent accounts were created with his knowledge. Chevron said in a filing that he left the board “for personal reasons and not as a result of a disagreement with Chevron.”

2ndVote members know that Target, just like Wells Fargo, is one of the most liberal companies in our database. Chevron has also taken a very liberal position on the issue of religious liberty.

To read 2ndVote’s full story on Stumpf’s resignation from Wells Fargo click here. We’ll continue to monitor this story and keep you informed on all the companies where he has had a leadership role.