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Four Iowa Planned Parenthood Facilities to Close

After being defunded by the State of Iowa, Planned Parenthood has announced the closing of four facilities in the Hawkeye State along with the following tweet:

“This is the heartbreaking reality of that reckless action.”

The decision, as we know, is anything but heartbreaking. It means life for more innocent babies, which deserves to be celebrated! While Planned Parenthood continues to build off the lie that they exist to provide “women’s health,” their response shows anything but that. If they did in fact exist to provide health services and not abortion, then the matter of defunding the organization would not even be in question.

As Planned Parenthood is brought into question more and more by Congress and the general public, just remember that major corporations continue to funnel money into the organization, which provides a total of 320,000 abortions every year. See which major corporations donate directly or through third party groups to assist the abortion machine on our resource page. Reach out to big businesses like Starbucks using the buttons below, and tell the coffee retailer, “Stop funding Planned Parenthood’s abortion agenda!”

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