From the Analyst’s Desk 8/04/22

From the Analyst’s Desk 8/04/22

Our goal at 2ndVote is to keep you informed on causes that corporations are supporting with your money, in order to assure that they are held accountable for their actions.


From the Analysts Desk


Here are some of the key findings and data points of interest discovered in our recent research:

Adobe, Inc. (2.82) – Despite being a signatory to the We Are Still In campaign, supporting the Paris Climate Agreement, Adobe, Inc. has donated $220,000 to various organizations that focus on practical environmentalism and conservation, not alarmist environmental policies. This could be indicative of Adobe, Inc.’s business model being based more on software development rather than traditional industrial manufacturing which leads to more waste, and subsequently more demand for stricter environmental controls.

Aflac, Inc. (1.71) – Although the available data on Aflac, Inc. was sparse, their scores are heavily impacted by a single large donation of more than $1.2 million to the United Way, which is a known supporter of Common Core education standards and has various chapters around the country that support and donate to Planned Parenthood.

The Coca-Cola Company (1.25) – Of the total $1,475,000 in donations related to the issue of Basic Freedoms, $1,225,000 (83%) went to organizations that oppose RFRA policies and religious liberty protections, support the BLM movement, or support the Equality Act. The only Conservative donation, for the amount of $250,000 (17%), went to a Christian ministry organization based out of Atlanta.