From the Analyst’s Desk: An Important Statement

From the Analyst’s Desk: An Important Statement

From the Analyst's Desk | 2ndVote


Our Analysts are proud to offer our subscribers and followers a new way to directly reach out to corporate leadership at their favorite brands.


To all of our valued subscribers and followers, here at 2ndVote, we pride ourselves on the thorough quality of our research and the value that we are able to offer in the data that we provide. A crucial component of our mission is empowering you, the consumer, to make the best choices you can in aligning your purchasing power with your values.


Part of that empowerment is making it easier for you to reach out to the companies you shop with, praising those that remain neutral or support Judeo-Christian values, and encouraging those that promote leftist ideologies to abandon their foolhardy attempts at appeasing the “woke” mob.


To that end, our researchers recently improved that reach with the addition of nearly 500 executive corporate email addresses that can be found through Company Scores contact forms on the 2ndVote website. So the next time you’re searching through our scores, reach out to the executive of your favorite (or least favorite) company, and make your voice heard!