Google Unveils Plans to Influence Voter Turnout

Google has developed a new strategy to play a larger role in this year’s election. The search engine giant plans to increase voter turnout by providing state voting laws to users who seem to be seeking that type of information in their searches.

Google claims that it is doing so because of the high interest in this year’s presidential election between Trump and Clinton. The company says that the amount of searches for election-based material has more than quadrupled in size from the 2012 election year.

The Associated Press is reporting that Google is going to provide voting instruction summary boxes based on key search phrases, such as, “what do I need to vote,” ”when can I vote,” ”what is the absentee ballot deadline” and “can I vote by mail.”

These instructions will not appear for requests that include particular candidate names.

The true motivation behind Google’s decision is unclear, and while they are claiming neutrality on the matter, they have received the most liberal score on 2ndVote’s scoring scale, supporting abortion, same-sex marriage and Common Core. Remember, you have a second vote that you can exercise every single day. To see how all companies stand on the issues, visit our Scorepage here.