Healthy Snack Company Not So KIND to Israel

This week, 2nd Vote sent KIND, a popular maker of healthy snacks, and its CEO, Daniel Lubetzky, a letter with questions regarding a recent media report involving it’s connection to a campaign against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, along with questions about his financial support of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

The Washington Free Beacon reported last week that that “U.S.-based activist group OneVoice International has partnered with V15, an ‘independent grassroots movement’ in Israel that is actively opposing Netanyahu’s party in the upcoming elections.” It further noted that “While V15 has not endorsed any particular candidates, it is working to oppose Netanyahu in the March elections.”

KIND’s CEO, Daniel Lubetzky, is founder of Peaceworks’ OneVoice movement. He also has contributed thousands to such Democrat candidates and entities as the DNC, President Obama, and Hillary Clinton.

2nd Vote aims to educate consumers on how their purchases are used to fund liberal or conservative values. To better accomplish that goal, 2nd vote sent the following questions to KIND’s CEO to help determine his motivations and how he plans to use his company’s revenue in the future:

1) Since it is apparent you do not support Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s re-election, can you state which candidate/candidates you do support and your reasoning behind that support?

2) Do you plan on partnering with any other partisan organizations that support or oppose political leaders, including those here in the United States? If so, which?

3) Considering your past financial support of Democrats, including thousands in donations to Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and the Democratic National Committee, can you please let our organization and your customers know if you plan to further support Democrat candidates and entities during the 2016 cycle? If so, which candidates?

We will keep 2nd Vote users updated on KIND’s response.