Help Us with Our Special Father’s Day Project

Help Us with Our Special Father’s Day Project

Please join us for a special project over the next few weeks in which we will honor the fathers that go above and beyond for their families and their community. We will be collecting stories from you, our 2ndVote subscribers, about these exceptional men.

Last year when Gillette decided to attack men on the extreme left narrative of “toxic masculinity,” Égard Watch Company (3-Neutral) responded with their own ad celebrating “the good in men.

If you haven’t seen Égard’s 2019 ad yet, we recommend you watch it here then email us at with your submission for our Father’s Day project. We will be giving a watch to a deserving man for the values he upholds and passes along to others in his life.  We will publish these stories to our blog over the next few weeks leading up to Father’s Day, and then select a deserving recipient for this special gift.

Like Égard Watch Company, we believe men are protectors, providers, and leaders that should be valued in our society. The traits unique to men, and unique to women for that matter, are to be celebrated, not denigrated. We look forward to reading your inspiring contributions about these great men and hope you will enjoy this opportunity to celebrate the men in our lives.

Email us your story to and join our special project!

PS: While there is no minimum, we suggest keeping submissions to 1000 words or less, if possible.