High-End Retailer Nordstrom Has Low-Brow Standards for Life and Values

High-End Retailer Nordstrom Has Low-Brow Standards for Life and Values

Nordstrom is one of America’s leading retailers of high-end clothing. Their values, however, are very low-quality. On life, guns, marriage, and religious liberty, Nordstrom is a low-quality store which should be avoided by 2ndVote shoppers this Christmas season.

Nordstrom backs a number of groups with values opposed to those of 2ndVote consumers. The YWCA, for example, opposes your Second Amendment rights, backs a redefinition of marriage, and supports abortion. Nordstrom is a financial supporter of the pro-abortion Center for Reproductive Rights and Girls Inc., which back abortion, and Susan G. Komen and United Way — both of which are financial backers of Planned Parenthood.

Finally, Nordstrom opposes your religious liberty rights. They have created a corporate structure which ranks 100 percent on the Human Rights Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index. They back the Equality Act, which if enacted will undermine First Amendment rights related to religious liberty.

This Christmas season, be sure to go high-end for clothing gifts and your values…by avoiding Nordstrom.

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