H&M Refuses to Play by China’s Rules, and More Companies Should Follow Suit {Issue: Basic Freedoms}


H&M Refuses to Play by China’s Rules, and More Companies Should Follow Suit {Issue: Basic Freedoms}


American corporations are walking a thin, and thinning, tightrope when it comes to Communist China. On one hand, companies want customers at home to see them as “values-based organizations.” Thus, they issue “woke” press releases accompanied by massive donations to organizations that are often fundamentally opposed to American ideals like freedom and equality.


But many companies are willing to look the other way when it’s the Chinese Communist government violating their so-called values. If they want to sell products in Communist China, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) won’t allow them to criticize the government for its brutal treatment of Tibetans and Uyghurs. Since Communist China’s massive market means billions of dollars in revenue, companies dutifully play along: they keep quiet about the CCP’s alleged enslavement and genocide of ethnic minorities, and they turn their guns on America instead, branding our freedoms and free markets as “racist” and “hateful.”


While many companies happily and hypocritically play by the CCP’s rules, there are a few brave exceptions. One is H&M, a retail fashion company, which recently condemned Communist China’s forced labor of Uyghurs in their cotton industry. Communist China’s response was swift and severe: Beijing removed H&M from map apps and e-commerce sites, and landlords closed 20 storefronts across Communist China. H&M lost $74 million because they dared to speak out.


H&M stood up for real human rights in Communist China, even though it meant a loss in revenue, and that should be applauded. While the company isn’t perfect – their CEO signed onto a pro-abortion letter in 2019 organized in part by Planned Parenthood – today, H&M deserves our support. Few companies are willing to hold Communist China accountable when it means slashed sales.


Contact H&M today and thank them for focusing on the global epicenter of human rights violations, rather than using their platform to lambast America, the freest country in the world. Then, tell the countless companiesESPN, Disney, Gap, and more – that being “values-based” means calling out Communist China for brutal human rights violations – whatever the cost to their bottom line – and staying out of the cultural fray in America, where freedom and human rights flourish.