Holding Companies Accountable, 2ndVote Style — Rating Donations

Holding Companies Accountable, 2ndVote Style — Rating Donations

2ndVote has ranked over 700 companies in our time. Many of those companies focus on providing great products and services to customer. Others send your 2ndVote dollars to organizations which oppose and/or support your values.

There is a third category which is a bit more complicated — indirect donations. These are donations which are directly sent to a non-profit which directly supports another organization. The original company is thus an indirect donor to the third organization.

A great example of this is United Way. Despite their reputation, some of their local chapters have a dark side — 2ndVote’s latest research found that nearly six percent of United Way’s local chapters donated to Planned Parenthood. The annual dollar value is in the millions of dollars.

When 2ndVote first brought this to the public’s attention, United Way denied being involved. They told The Daily Signal that the parent group “does not provide financial support to Planned Parenthood,” but that it also “does not dictate funding decisions to local United Way” chapters. They justified their decision by saying, “Several local United Way partners provide professional family and individual counseling services, which include professional counseling on pregnancy-related problems.”

In the 2ndVote system, these United Way chapters are direct donors to Planned Parenthood. And any company which donates to these United Way chapters is thus an indirect donor to Planned Parenthood.

The good thing about being an indirect donor to groups like Planned Parenthood is that in 2ndVote’s opinion it doesn’t cause the donating company to be anathema to conservatives. Whereas a direct donation puts a company at a “1” ranking, an indirect donation gets the entity a “2” ranking.

The reason for this is that it may not be the intent of the company to back the non-profit’s political goals. We believe that the vast majority — perhaps even all! — of United Way’s corporate donors intend to do good. Our goal by dinging their ranking is to encourage them to either remove their direct funding or pressure the receiving group to not fund harmful entities.

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