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Homeschooling Numbers On The Rise

Homeschooling numbers have nearly doubled since 1999, and who can blame parents for wanting better education for their children. According to The Washington Post, nearly 1.8 million students were homeschooled in 2012, and that number is continuing to grow.

Family Research Council believes that parental concern over all-inclusive bathroom policy may have something to do with the increasing percentages. Dan Patrick, who serves as Lt. Governor in Texas, knew what was likely to come of the controversial decision placed upon public schools, and stated several months ago:

“This will be the end of public education, if this prevails. People will pull their kids out, homeschooling will explode, and private schools will increase.”

Patrick’s predictions seem accurate thus far, and the number of cases related to the new bathroom policy continues to spread across the country. The decision to implement genderless bathrooms could lead to a significant drop in support for the public school system. It turns out that parents do in fact value safety and privacy in their child’s learning environment.

Homeschooling is part of school choice; this is one reason support for the program is so vital today. Parents deserve the best options for their children when it comes to education.

Remember that corporations are advocating for or against issues like school choice. Learn more about where the companies you shop with each day stand on education issues here. Students deserve the best educational options, and we must all work together to insure a choice is available to them.