How NBA Viewers Can Overcome the NBA’s BLM Propaganda {Issue: 1st Amendment}


How NBA Viewers Can Overcome the NBA’s BLM Propaganda {Issue: 1st Amendment}

The National Basketball Association (2.71) is continuing to focus on politics instead of sports fans by promoting the radical Black Lives Matter (BLM) organization. Contrary to its public messaging and what the NBA clearly believes, BLM is driven by the openly Marxist beliefs of its founders. BLM co-founder Patrisse Kahn Cullors has spoken on the importance of “peoples-led socialist movements,” and her fellow organizer Opal Tometi shared a stage with Venezuelan dictator Nicholas Maduro. BLM’s leaders are not running a charity, but a left-wing activist group that admits in its mission statement that it wants to abolish capitalism and the nuclear family.  

The NBA needs to recognize this truth about BLM and stop devoting airtime to its agenda.  

Conservatives and middle-of-the-road people who watch sports do not want a political lecture when watching basketball. They want to relax and spend time with family and friends. The NBA’s 4% national ratings decline should encourage the corporation to take another look at how it can appeal to a majority of fans instead of a radical few.  

The league isn’t alone in its alienating, anti-American actions. Players like Lebron James of the Los Angeles Lakers are taking the same positions. James recently preached about BLM being a “Lifestyle” while kneeling for the National Anthem and wearing jerseys with social justice slogans. Lou Williams, who plays for the Los Angeles Clippers, even went as far as mocking fans for wanting to watch sports instead of racial protests.  

2ndVote Americans can combat BLM’s harmful influence in the NBA by respectfully reaching out on social media to warn players about BLM’s harmful agenda. Then, 2ndVote consumers can show players they want to work together to resolve societal issues by drawing attention to less divisive organizations, such as Stand Together and the Woodson Center

The philanthropic efforts of these organizations prove it’s possible to transform the lives of black lives without demeaning the country and assuming racism at its core. 2ndVote citizens can prevent BLM from receiving a platform from the NBA by convincing athletes to withdraw their support from it. Only then will the NBA acknowledge there are better ways to advocate for change than condoning BLM.