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How To Win The Argument For School Choice

When it comes to school choice acceptance, The Daily Signal offers a guide by Beverly Hallberg on how to talk about the issue and win your argument.

There are three areas in which to aim to find mutual understanding, the first being common ground. Whether or not the person you are speaking with backs school choice, you can be sure that he or she desires quality education. We can all agree, regardless of political party, that it is one of the most critical pieces of the betterment of our nation. It is most likely that the person to whom you are speaking believes an exceptional education should be in reach of a child no matter the ZIP code or income of the parents.

The second way Hallberg suggests talking about school choice is by using examples to prove the successes of the program. For instance, there are many bright young students who have been and continue to be put at a disadvantage when given only one option for education within their district. If a child is an exceptional artist, he or she should likely be placed in a fine arts school, but an anti-school choice proponent would argue against that. If the person you are speaking to believes that public schools need a makeover, be sure to bring up the fact that it has been confirmed that school systems are greatly enhanced when school choice is passed.

The third and final point that Hallberg offers to argue in favor of school choice is to use your words. Liberals often love to use words like “choice,” “opportunity,” and “fairness” when it comes to other issues, such as marriage and life, but when it comes to education, they argue just the opposite. Ironically, school “choice” offers exactly what liberals tend to gravitate towards and achieves an impressive goal. Isn’t it only “fair” to offer children everywhere a quality education?

By using these three techniques, hopefully we can all become better equipped to win the battle for school choice.

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