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“The 2nd Amendment is one of the most vital rights guaranteed by the Constitution,” said 2nd Vote Executive Director Chris Walker. “With the introduction of this new app that is focused solely on 2nd Amendment issues into our growing family of apps, we believe we are providing a vital tool in the arsenal of protecting our freedoms from the consistent big money attacks from the left.”

2nd Vote, the conservative consumer advocacy organization focused on helping conservatives align their dollars with their values, announced the newest addition to its family of mobile apps: 2nd Vote 2nd Amendment. This latest release provides an easy to use resource for gun owners to highlight how corporations advocate for or against the 2nd Amendment.

The new app scores companies on the 2nd Amendment based on extensive research looking into various activities including:

• Direct and indirect corporate donations to organizations that advocate for against policies related to the 2nd Amendment

• Activities and stated policies of the company related to the 2nd Amendment

• Corporate sponsorships for various 2nd Amendment-related events

• Corporate leadership donations, activities and advocacy involving the 2nd Amendment

• Corporate lobbying relative to the 2nd Amendment on both federal and state levels

All of the companies in 2nd Vote’s database are evaluated through these criteria and are scored in a range from 1 (Liberal) to 5 (Conservative) with 3 (Neutral) designating a neutral stance or no advocacy.

The app, which is available for download at Apple’s App Store and Google Play, includes a geo-located guide to state gun laws regarding carry permits and their reciprocity. Also, a news-feed feature provides links to articles and news alerts concerning 2nd Amendment policy.

The release of 2nd Vote 2nd Amendment marks the first time 2nd Vote has developed an issue-specific product.

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