ICYMI: 2ndVote Holds United Way Accountable for Funding Planned Parenthood


June 27, 2016

“United Way affiliates provide almost $3 million a year to Planned Parenthood, according to a money-tracking website that examines consumer and political causes.”

United Way Affiliates Give $3 Million a Year to Planned Parenthood
The Daily Signal
June 24, 2016

“2nd Vote, a conservative, nonprofit watchdog that tracks corporate spending, conducted what it calls “exhaustive” research of United Way affiliates and their giving to Planned Parenthood.”

“2nd Vote created the “Pro-Life Guide to United Way” last year. The organization updated the information for 2016 on June 17, including the most recent information on United Way chapters that contribute to Planned Parenthood.”

“In addition to providing abortion services, Planned Parenthood also has an extremely effective, extremely liberal political arm, and the money funneled by United Way essentially helps support all of Planned Parenthood’s operations.“

“Last July, 2nd Vote compiled a list of companies and other organizations that directly donate to Planned Parenthood. Adobe, Avon, ExxonMobil, and Starbucks were on the list, along with United Way.”

“ ‘Does United Way really expect us to believe that its network of affiliates sends around $3 million every year to the world’s largest abortion provider and then, magically, those dollars have nothing to do with United Way or abortion?’ ”

“ ‘We will continue to hold United Way accountable, especially the United Way affiliates that fund Planned Parenthood, for helping to support an organization that not only performs over 300,000 abortions a year, but also advocates for an extremely liberal, anti-life political agenda.’ ”

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