ICYMI: 2ndVote on Target’s Decision to Close 12 Stores

“Target is closing the 12 stores in February based on profitability metrics,” reports One News Now, the American Family Association’s news service. The Minneapolis-based retailer announced that the locations closing are in several states including Texas, Florida, Michigan, and Minnesota.

One News Now reached out to 2ndVote on why Target stores were facing a loss in profitability. A 2ndVote spokesman responded, “It’s not surprising that Target stores would be experiencing problems that arise out of profitability. Millions of Americans have said [they’re] not shopping at Target anymore because of the radical decision and dangerous decision Target made to invite men into women’s restrooms and changing rooms.”

But there’s more to this story than just Target’s bathroom policy that has conservative consumers concerned:

Target is one of the most liberal companies in the country.

The company has funded dozens of left-wing political organizations like the Human Rights Campaign, a liberal LGBT activist organization behind the attacks on traditional marriage and behind the movement to normalize behavior that undermines our religious liberty and the religious liberty of business owners.

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The American Family Association’s #BoycottTarget petition has gained over 1.5 million signatures since it was launched in 2016. And at 2ndVote, we’re still shopping #AnywhereButTARGET.

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  • Robert E. Lee

    Target needs to close all stores. They won’t be missed !!

  • Angelo G

    They sell cheep China made garbage.