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ICYMI: Facebook Is Still Targeting Conservatives, Protecting Planned Parenthood’s Abuse Cover-Ups

Last week, we told you that Starbucks is still funding Planned Parenthood despite the abortion giant’s cover-ups of sexual abuse of underage girls. We’ve now been made aware that Live Action — the amazing organization which has exposed this illegal and immoral practice — has been blocked from promoting one of their videos on Facebook!

Check out that video here. Live Action’s exposure campaign may be followed here and here.

We all know that Facebook doesn’t like conservatives. But blocking access to exposing a taxpayer-funded organization’s shocking cover-ups is just too far. Planned Parenthood has long protected its abortion bottom line by sending little girls back to sexual abusers. One abortion center in Mobile, Alabama gave two abortions to one girl in 2014 in just four months — and only admitted it to state authorities after they were caught.

That’s illegal. But authorities let Planned Parenthood slide, just as corporate backers have. This must stop. We urge you to spend your second vote dollars at companies that don’t back Planned Parenthood. This is an abortion company which protects sexual abusers, kills unborn children, and has illegally sold babies’ body parts.

You can see all the companies that support Planned Parenthood’s abortion industry on 2ndVote’s resource page here. Let them know they won’t be getting your second vote!

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    You can use Minds instead of Facebook. They don’t censor such posts, there’s also better privacy (messages are end-to-end encrypted and mobile apps are open source).

  • Raymond Martucci

    I haven’t spent one dollar at over priced coffee Starbucks and never will. If Starbucks is favoring places like planned Parenthood and other negative things who knows what they put in their coffee. When they closed down half the day they should have stayed closed. I don’t get why people go to a coffee shop like Starbucks when there are others with better coffee and cheaper

  • Click

    I suspect our efforts are more effectively spent towards the nomination of FB and other information utilities as subject to non-discrimination based on viewpoint. Broadcasters must accept political ads which are opposed to their editorial viewpoint, as long as the ads do not promote illegal activity. It’s time for the de facto information utilities to be recognized as such. Please consider devoting some of your advocacy and resources towards that end.