ICYMI: LGBT “Tolerance” for Dean Cain on Twitter

ICYMI: LGBT “Tolerance” for Dean Cain on Twitter

Dean Cain’s most famous role is Superman in the 1990s. His most important one, however, may be as one of the detectives who investigated abortionist and convicted murderer Kermit Gosnell.

Gosnell: Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer comes out in theaters on October 12. Cain was at Values Voters Summit on Friday to promote the film, despite his support for abortion rights and redefining marriage. One would think that LGBT activists would embrace the opportunity to have an “ally” on the inside of one of the most influential social conservative gatherings of the year.

Instead, GLAAD and LGBT media outlets thought it was a good idea to try and bully Cain:

Unlike so many in America, Cain didn’t back down from these dishonest and aggressive attacks:

Dean also wrote about his then-upcoming visit to Values Voters Summit:

“I hope they ask me about my support for gay rights and the fact that I’m pro-choice. I’m happy to have that conversation. I’m not there to do anything other than discuss the film, Gosnell,” Cain said, according to Towleroad. “And I’m pro-choice. That will probably take up the bulk of the time. I’m not there to preach or to lecture—I hope they ask about my support for gay rights.”

At the Summit, Cain described the “heat and abuse” he takes “every single day:

Cain also pointed out the absurdity of the LGBT activist community’s claim that Family Research Council — which hosts the Summit — is a hate group:

We here at 2ndVote give two cheers to Cain for a) standing up to the intolerant Left, b) being one of the few people in Hollywood who is willing to even talk to social conservatives (instead of demonizing us and lying about us), c) starring in a very important movie, and d) unabashedly supporting tdhe sitting President of the United States. We hope and pray that he’ll fully join America’s traditional values by supporting unborn life from conception and the Christian view on marriage.