ICYMI: 2nd Vote’s Op-Ed on Lands’ End Scrubbing of Gloria Steinem Interview

“The publication of the interview also coincided with the launch of a campaign to raise money for the tax-exempt affiliate of Steinem’s advocacy organization.”

Lessons from Lands’ End
February 29, 2016

“When the iconic Land’s End catalog released the 2016 Spring Issue last week, conservatives were surprised to find a featured interview with feminist icon Gloria Steinem in the pages of an otherwise Easter themed publication.”

“As conservatives and people of faith took to social media in understandable ire for the company’s decision to feature a controversial individual, faith-based educators such as College of the Ozarks and several Catholic secondary schools were announcing the termination of business relationships with Lands’ End.”

“The real failure on the part of Lands’ End is the inability to recognize, or even worse, the deliberate ignorance of, the political stance implied by helping fund an advocacy organization associated with Steinem and her allies.

“Overall, Lands’ End does not appear to be a dedicated proponent of the liberal agenda; 2nd Vote’s research shows that the company has remained relatively neutral since the brand was spun off by the Sears Holding Corporation. For that matter, most companies appear to also shy away from the political realm for the sake of public relations. After all, businesses are in the business of being in business, not advocacy.”

“As we saw last week with Lands’ End, conservatives can win by engaging the corporate culture because forcing companies to adopt a conservative position is not the end goal. Instead, the victory comes from bringing the company back to neutral, where the customers’ deeply held values are not violated.”

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