In-the-News Update [Issue: 2nd Amendment]

In-the-News Update [Issue: 2nd Amendment]

Assault Weapons Ban

What a week it has been for gun rights! In two separate, but significant wins this past week, the state of South Carolina has taken a step closer to becoming the 27th state with constitutional/permit-less carry, and the state of West Viriginia passed a bill that will allow responsible adults to concealed carry on college campuses.

In the case of South Carolina, the state House of Representatives was able to pass bill H.3594, which recognizes citizens’ right to carry a firearm for their own protection in public, while also increasing penalties for criminals caught in illegal possession of firearms. The bill now goes to the South Carolina Senate for consideration.

As for West Virginia, S.B.10 would amend the state law to allow for concealed carrying of firearms for adults in-good-standing on college campuses. The state’s law does not actually currently prohibit individuals from carrying on campuses, but educational institutions are, for the time being, able to supersede the law in a sense by banning or expelling anyone who does carry on campus. The new law would ensure that those attending college or visiting a campus would not face repercussion for exercising their 2nd Amendment rights.