In-the-News Update [Issue: Civil-Safe Society]

In-the-News Update [Issue: Civil-Safe Society]

Trumps Mar-a-Lago raid

House Republicans are considering defunding Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas’ salary in response to his habitual failure to enforce border security. Rep. Nancy Mace and other lawmakers argue that if Cabinet secretaries neglect their duties, Congress should use tools like the Holman Rule to strip their funding. 

Mayorkas has faced significant GOP criticism for the surge of undocumented migrants entering the U.S. during his tenure. Some Republicans are now targeting his salary through the Holman Rule, which allows amendments to restrict federal funds for specific programs or employee salaries. 

Rep. Bob Good calls for zeroing out Mayorkas’ salary and pursuing impeachment, while Rep. Ben Cline suggests using the Holman Rule depending on the severity of Mayorkas’ failures. Rep. Jim Banks supports both defunding Mayorkas’ salary and impeachment, claiming that Mayorkas intentionally created the worst border crisis in history. 

Although Democrats control the Senate, making it unlikely for these efforts to succeed, House Republicans remain committed to holding Biden’s officials accountable. The Biden administration has defended Mayorkas, asserting his dedication to enforcing the law, securing the border, and improving immigration systems. The debate surrounding Mayorkas’ performance continues, with some Republicans even proposing targeting other officials like Attorney General Merrick Garland through the Holman Rule. 

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