In-the-News Update [Issue: Education]

In-the-News Update [Issue: Education]


During a House Education Committee hearing, Education Secretary Miguel Cardona faced intense criticism from Republican Representative Jim Banks regarding the Biden administration’s proposed changes to Title IX rules. The proposed rules would mandate that schools receiving federal funding allow biological males to compete in girls’ sports. Banks raised concerns about the potential consequences for students who rely on school lunch programs if their schools faced funding cuts for non-compliance with the proposed rule change. 

Banks cited a law recently passed in Indiana that prohibits biological males from competing against girls in high school and elementary sports due to physical advantages. He questioned Cardona directly on whether the Department of Education would withdraw school lunch programs for needy children in schools that did not allow boys to compete in girls’ sports. Despite repeated questioning, Cardona evaded giving a direct answer, instead emphasizing the administration’s commitment to providing a safe environment for all students. 

Banks expressed frustration, stating that the answer was effectively “yes,” accusing the administration of prioritizing a radical agenda over the well-being of children who rely on school lunches. 

The Biden administration’s proposed Title IX rules seek to prevent schools that receive federal funding from enforcing policies that restrict biological males from participating in girls’ sports. The proposed regulation aims to establish standards that allow students to participate in athletic teams based on their gender identity. 

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