Internet Buzzes Over Mike Pence Visit to Chili’s

Over the weekend, presumptive Vice Presidential nominee Mike Pence tweeted a picture of a family dinner in New York at Chili’s.

The Washington Free Beacon surmised that, despite the ensuing social media hubbub, the Indiana Governor chose the restaurant because “Chili’s is delicious and he probably went there because the food is good.”

2ndVote’s scorepage shows that Chili’s and its parent company Brinker International have remained neutral on most policy issues. However, the chain did give in to pressure from Moms Demand, a liberal anti-2nd Amendment organization. See more details about the story here.

As a member of 2ndVote, what do you think about Chili’s policy on firearms? Do you engage companies for their positions when they align with liberal activists like Shannon Watts and Moms Demand?

You can tell Chili’s directly how you feel about 2nd Amendment rights on Twitter or Facebook.