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Iowa: ‘Some’ churches must comply with SOGI bathroom laws

According to a Fox News article, churches in Iowa are being attacked by the Iowa Civil Rights Commission contending that every church should comply with sexual orientation and gender identity laws.

According to the Commission’s brochure, there is an outline of their interpretation of the 2007 Iowa Civil RIghts Act-known as Iowa Code Chapter 216. Hiram Sasser, the firm’s director of litigation, said the “Commission’s brochure means churches would be required to let transgender individuals use the bathrooms of their choice.”

Pastor Cary Gordon believes that, “Based on what they are saying, orthodox Christianity is in violation of the state law of Iowa.”

2ndVote recently uncovered numerous Fortune 500 companies that are working to undermine religious freedom in California, the latest battleground state where liberals are trying to eradicate Constitutional protections for 1st Amendment liberties with SB 1146.

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