Iowa Update: First Amendment Protection for Pastors, Upheld

2ndVote reported last week on the story developing in Iowa regarding the Iowa Civil Rights Commission and their Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity brochure, which stated that churches in the state would be forced to comply with gender neutral bathrooms. However, as of this July 8th, there has been a revision:

“The revision clarifies that religious activities by a church are exempt from the Iowa Civil Rights Act,” the commission said in a press release announcing its July decision.

The revision replaces the previous version, which had not been updated since 2008.

According to a legal organization that represents Gordon’s church:

“The First Amendment was written to protect the rights of churches to teach and live out their faith without fear of government intrusion,” Kelly Shackelford, President and CEO of First Liberty Institution.

2ndVote will continue to monitor this story for any new developments.

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