Is Common Core Causing Us To Lose Our Values?

A definite shift in the educational system has occurred over the last few years since the implementation of Common Core. A “one size fits all” system has taken the place of critical and creative thinking within public schools. Even Common Core content writer, Mark Bauerlein of Emory University, sees that there are issues with the program, explaining:

“The humanities are over…things that make us human as opposed to just animals is a part of education that is largely dead. Now, education is about achievement, readiness and career. Education is instrumental.”

And while the standards were developed with decent intentions, the path it has led students and instructors seems to be detrimental. Common Core curriculum emphasizes the examination of informational texts over traditional literature, and many high school teachers have chosen to fully embrace this direction. They have moved away from works that have been studied throughout history, such as classic fiction novels, and moved towards literature that simply satisfies the standards requirements.

Instead of reading the full story of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, children are now reading a couple of paragraphs extracted from the book, asked a couple of standardized questions, and then moved right onto the next text excerpt, which might be something like a blog from a famous comedian. As Bauerlein unnervingly states:

“If you understand informational as including memoirs, essays, autobiographies, historical works, and philosophical works, then it’s wonderful. If ‘informational’ means Wikipedia, op-eds and blog posts, then we are in big trouble.”

Parallel with this decline in literacy seems to be a similar decline in values across the nation. Recently, issues such as same-sex marriage and ‘Bathroom Bills’ have been brought to the forefront and raised many concerning questions. We knew the days of wholesome programs like “The Andy Griffith Show” had ceased but little could have prepared us for children to grow up with “RuPaul’s Drag Race” as seemingly normal entertainment.

This country must get a grip on the situation before it is too late; the innocent children of the nation depend on it. While it may seem overwhelming and out of hand, 2ndVote is here to help show conservatives how advocacy on these issues is funded. See hundreds of companies that support programs like Common Core here, and remember to exercise your 2ndVote each time you shop.