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Is Planned Parenthood Profiting From Baby Body Parts Even More?

Planned Parenthood is once again seeking to hide the truth from the American public, as the organization works to hide public access to the money amount exchanges between itself and the Birth Defects Research Lab (BDRL). BDRL works closely with the Planned Parenthood Greater Washington & North Idaho (PPGWNI) chapter to obtain body parts for its research. David Daleiden, who headed last summer’s project that exposed Planned Parenthood’s body parts for profit scandal, claims that the PPGWNI chapter is the top model for the disturbing body parts harvesting program. Exposing dollar amounts could lead to the exposal of other details, such as reveal whether or not alterations are being made during abortions that would procure better in tact body parts, which could put women at an even higher risk during the procedure.

The Greater Washington chapter’s model sets the stage for these heinous transactions, and the abortion giant’s CEO, Cecile Richards, said in a letter that her organization’s affiliates would not be funded for providing baby parts. But, the exact model of PPGWNI is currently unknown, and a lawsuit has been filed to try to uncover some of this information.

Daleiden refers to the fact that if Planned Parenthood has nothing to hide, there is no reason to bury the materials between them and BDRL. As the Center for Medical Progress stated,

“The American people, whose tax dollars make this entire barbaric industry possible, deserve to know the truth.”

To learn more truth behind where your money is going, visit our Planned Parenthood Resource Page here to find out exactly which companies are funding the abortion giant either directly or through third party groups. We must hold these corporations accountable and tell them not to use our dollars to fund this atrocious business.