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Is That A Gun In Your Pocket?



According to an article from Townhall, an anti-2nd Amendment movie is hitting the big screen next month.

The premise of Is That a Gun in Your Pocket is insulting to both men and women as Townhall effectively sums up the film as “Anti-gun propaganda is marketed as a sex comedy.” Essentially, the storyline follows a small town plunged into havoc after a minor firearm mishap leads the women of the town to withhold sex until the men in the community give up their guns. However, the creators of the film ignore several key statistics when it comes to firearm ownership by females.

Numerous studies and polls have been conducting finding that women were responsible for the massive spike in concealed carry permits (obtaining them at twice the rate of men); and continue to be the fastest growing demographic of new gun owners. A 2015 report from the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) showed “female engagement in target shooting grew 60 percent to an impressive 5.4 million participants between 2001 and 2013.”

Furthermore, the 2nd Amendment news organization Bearing Arms reported on a poll conducted by the Pew Research Center which showed that almost half of citizens who owned a gun for protection in the home were women.
Is That a Gun in your Pocket appears to be yet another attention grabbing stunt by the anti-2nd Amendment crowd, just like #WearOrange campaign and congressional sit-ins we saw earlier this summer.