Issues We Support



2ndVote is a pro-life organization and believes life begins at conception. We actively research the connection of corporate dollars to causes that seek to advance a pro-abortion agenda.  Many companies financially contribute to charities or organizations that openly advocate and support a pro-abortion stance. Some companies knowingly give to these organizations or have employee gift matching programs that give to these organizations.

Many companies have argued they are giving to a program that is completely unrelated to abortion or a specific element of an organization unrelated to abortion, but many of these organizations are one in the same.

Companies also indirectly support pro-abortion efforts by contributing to charities or non-profits that partner with or support varying organizations that advocate for abortion, inadvertently supporting anti-life efforts.

2ndVote opposes any direct or indirect corporate financial activity that supports abortion and the pro-abortion agenda and a company’s score negatively reflect such activity.

Conversely, 2ndVote will positively score the companies that support pro-life organizations and/or advocate for pro-life efforts.


Religious Liberty

1st Amendment protections for religious liberty safeguard the ability of individuals to worship freely and their right to align their life and decisions according to their beliefs. The left insists religious people give up on their beliefs o matters of marriage, sexuality, and gender and celebrate the LGBT cultural ideology. Those who uphold their values are subjected to persecution and bullying by radical groups and their bureaucratic allies. 2ndVote researches corporate stances on sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) accommodation mandates and policies that protect religious liberty such as RFRAs.



2ndVote supports traditional marriage and believes in an individual’s constitutional right to freedom of religion. Our research focuses on corporate activities in support of groups that actively campaign on behalf of furthering a radicalized agenda that attempts to redefine the institution of marriage and attack individuals standing by their firmly-held religious beliefs.

We believe companies should not be in the business of furthering an agenda, nor should companies cave to the bullying of leftist and liberal groups to do so.

2ndVote is adamantly opposed to CEO’s (former Mozilla CEO Brandon Reich) and entrepreneurs such as the Benham Brothers, Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson and Sweet Cakes by Melissa losing their jobs, businesses and potentially their livelihood for supporting traditional marriage and standing firm beside their religious beliefs.

We respect the views of all individuals and do not condone any type of discrimination.


2nd Amendment

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”  – Constitution of the United States of America, Amendment II
When the founding fathers wrote the Constitution, their experiences under British rule taught them that the security of a people’s liberty required an armed and well-trained public. Their vision saw the American people take personal responsibility for their own safety, the safety of their fellow citizens, and their security against the tyrannical impulses of government. At 2ndVote, we share that same vision.

In a time of limited technology, the right to “keep and bear arms” meant that whatever armament taken up by the government should also be kept by the governed, thus ensuring equal advantage in a moment of tyranny. We at 2ndVote believe that the advancement of modern technology does not change this, but rather requires a higher standard of training, proficiency, and responsibility for American citizens. Furthermore, we believe that any limitation or restriction on the arms and equipment available to a free people is an affront to the Constitution.

Because of this, 2ndVote works to highlight corporate support for and against protecting that fundamental right. 2ndVote opposes corporate sponsorship for anti-2nd Amendment groups that encourage gun-control; and applaud those that stand for the right of lawful possession and carrying of a firearm, no matter the type. From the small business to large corporations, 2ndVote aims to promote those that contribute to a healthy gun culture and the defense of the right that protects all other rights.

With private sector businesses and corporations rejecting the Second Amendment and refusing to do business with firearm retailers and manufacturers, the right to bear arms is facing threats from every side. Holding your dollars accountable and shopping your values is crucial, now more than ever. 2ndVote works hard to provide alternatives so that the consumer can trust that their dollar spent today is not used to erode their rights tomorrow.



2ndVote believes that current immigration law needs to be enforced in regards to America’s immigration policy and we support legal immigration. America was founded on immigrants and we take pride in being one of the world’s greatest melting pots of cultures. We do oppose cities and municipalities disregarding immigration law and creating sanctuaries for illegal immigrants to find safe haven for violating immigration laws.

2ndVote opposes any indirect or direct corporate support for group(s) that advocate for sanctuary cities. As such, a company’s score will negatively reflect such activity.

Conversely, a company’s score will reflect positively if they advocate against sanctuary cities or indirectly or directly support a group opposed so sanctuary cities.



2ndVote recognizes the importance of education policy and how vital it is for America to continue being a leader in a global economy.  However, 60+ years of an ever-increasing federal and national oversight in education has led to a weakened quality of education in our country.  2ndVote researches two of the most contentious issues in education today: Common Core and School Choice.

Common Core was once a state-driven program designed to improve educational standards that has become a federally hijacked and co-opted program where competition was replaced by the promise of federal tax dollars.

Similarly, School Choice plays an intricate role in the future of our education system. School choice demands competition and encourages innovation and heightened expectations for our community’s schools. Allowing parents to choose alternate means that best fits their child’s needs will force our struggling or lagging districts to make the necessary changes to keep up with the rest of the world.



2ndVote supports efforts of environmental stewardship and efficiency.  However, many companies support extreme environmental groups that advocate for extreme environmental policies and over-regulation that stifles innovation and growth, like Cap and Trade.  2ndVote researches corporate sponsorships of environment-related groups that either endorse these policies or financially support organizations that advocate these policies and try to identify and encourage advocacy to more conservative alternatives that advocate for stewardship.