Civil-Safe Society


Civil-Safe Society

2ndVote supports the traditional values that have made the United States exceptional:  civility, respect for the law, respect for those who serve to protect our society, and government that is faithful to our states and federal constitution. For years we have witnessed an increasing disregard for our communities’ laws which has resulted in chaos, violence, and a lack of faith in the American Dream. Failure to enforce laws enacted by representatives of the people in state and national legislatures destroys the intent of our Founding Fathers that we are a nation “of the people, by the people, and for the people”. We stand for our men and women in uniform: military, law enforcement and all first responders, and veterans; and oppose those that would condemn them all for the actions of few. We support the institutional rights that guarantee us due process of law and require protests and assemblies to be peaceful. 

As such, 2ndVote scores negatively on all companies and organizations that advocate for open borders, sanctuary cities, defunding of the police, riot-apologists, or any other facet of activism that undermines the institutions and principles necessary to a civil and safe society. Those organizations that support law and order, state and federal constitutions, and encourage respect and civility are scored positively by 2ndVote.

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4. Lean Conservative
5. Conservative

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