2ndVote is a pro-life organization and believes life begins at conception. We actively research the connection of corporate dollars to causes that seek to advance a pro-abortion agenda.  Many companies financially contribute to charities or organizations that openly advocate and support a pro-abortion stance. Some companies knowingly give to these organizations or have employee gift matching programs that give to these organizations.

Many companies have argued they are giving to a program that is completely unrelated to abortion or a specific element of an organization unrelated to abortion, but many of these organizations are one in the same.

Companies also indirectly support pro-abortion efforts by contributing to charities or non-profits that partner with or support varying organizations that advocate for abortion, inadvertently supporting anti-life efforts.

2ndVote opposes any direct or indirect corporate financial activity that supports abortion and the pro-abortion agenda and a company’s score negatively reflect such activity.

Conversely, 2ndVote will positively score the companies that support pro-life organizations and/or advocate for pro-life efforts.

Color Key:
1. Liberal
2. Lean Liberal
3. Neutral
4. Lean Conservative
5. Conservative

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