2ndVote supports traditional marriage and believes in an individual’s constitutional right to freedom of religion. Our research focuses on corporate activities in support of groups that actively campaign on behalf of furthering a radicalized agenda that attempts to redefine the institution of marriage and attack individuals standing by their firmly-held religious beliefs.

We believe companies should not be in the business of furthering an agenda, nor should companies cave to the bullying of leftist and liberal groups to do so.

2ndVote is adamantly opposed to CEO’s (former Mozilla CEO Brandon Reich) and entrepreneurs such as the Benham Brothers, Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson and Sweet Cakes by Melissa losing their jobs, businesses and potentially their livelihood for supporting traditional marriage and standing firm beside their religious beliefs.

We respect the views of all individuals and do not condone any type of discrimination.

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2ndVote Chairman and Founder Dr. David Black has joined dozens of conservative leaders in signing an open letter to Chick-fil-A CEO Dan Cathy urging him to reverse his company’s decision to stop supporting The Salvation Army. “Your company’s stated mission is ‘To glorify God by......

“We have been a family for 41 years. I thank God for hearing my prayer, for He chose Fred to be my children’s father and the greatest husband.” – Marie in Florida The Heroic Men We Don’t Hear About The Real Deal Without One Complaint......

This Thanksgiving week we wanted to turn your attention to some positive news. Specifically, the CEO for Hobby Lobby (5), Steve Green, told Fox Business that his company was still Christian-based – and that wasn’t going to change: “We value family, and of the things......

Last week, 2ndVote highlighted how Starbucks is expected to see slower growth and greater competition within the coffee industry. Now The Wall Street Journal is pointing to the same thing — as well as slower implementation of previously aggressive expansion plans. As seen in the WSJ graph......

Thank you for sending in these great personal stories about “the good in men.” Please be sure to tell us the story about a man of significance in your life and together we will correct the misleading notion perpetuated by the left that masculinity is somehow......