It’s Time for United to be Reunited with American Values

It’s Time for United to be Reunited with American Values

We don’t envy the tourist and travel industries. The COVID-19 pandemic has devastated virtually all of their sectors – first, due to fears of the coronavirus. Then, it was lockdowns. And, now, vaccine concerns have left the industry staggering into a slow recovery.


You’d think leading travel companies would welcome the chance to get back to business, and to start paying employees again. Unfortunately, United Airlines (2.00) has doubled down on treating the unvaccinated like enemies of America. Even Delta (2.26) has joined in on company vaccine mandates as they both have decided to either put unvaccinated employees on unpaid leave or imposing surcharges on healthcare premiums. And CEO Scott Kirby said he will stand behind a passenger vaccine mandate if President Joe Biden makes such a policy. (We talk about delta here so we need to have their score and link to company score page). 


United doesn’t have a good 2ndVote ranking already, and this latest move means it’s not likely to get off of our bad company list. While all Americans should be sympathetic to companies which are navigating the new normal – Delta Airlines, for example, is charging unvaccinated workers $200 per month because it says unvaccinated employees hospitalized for COVID are costing the company $50,000 per employee – there is still so much we don’t know about the vaccines. Will United reimburse pregnant or lactating staffers whose babies become ill? Will people with natural immunities after getting coronavirus be exempt from the vaccine mandate?


Perhaps most importantly – the public has been told to mask up for 18 months. Are masks suddenly not working?

The insanity of this vaccine mandate position is most evident at America’s southern border, where Haitian immigrants are being allowed to illegally stay in the country without being vaccinated. The enormous costs to take care of these migrants – many of whom are in legitimate need, coming from one of the world’s poorest and most corrupt nations – come out of your tax dollars. And, yet, they are not required to vaccinate before spreading out on our border and into the rest of the country.


In 2018, United took a distinct position on illegal immigration – one at odds with law enforcement and national security. Unless they are willing to pressure the Biden administration to treat immigrants equal to American citizens, their vaccine mandate will just be another bit of hypocrisy in a long line of corporate betrayals of Americans and our values. 


As you are aligning your dollars and values, check out Allegiant Air (3.00), Air Canada (3.00), Express Jet (3.00), Spirit Airlines (3.00), Frontier Airlines (3.00), and Hawaiian Airlines (3.00) when you think about booking your next flight. Remember, use your voice to let United know that these woke leftist decisions do not align with American values and contact them using this link here, today!