It’s Time to #DumpStarbucks For More Conservative Options

It’s Time to #DumpStarbucks For More Conservative Options

A social media outcry came over the weekend when 6 police officers, several who are veterans, were asked to leave a Starbucks (1 – Liberal) store in Tempe, AZ simply because one customer said they felt ‘unsafe’ with their presence. 

Read the full  story here.

Just last year, 2ndVote posted an op-ed written by Alveda King in response to Starbucks and their so called “racial-bias education” day they held after two men were arrested for trespassing in a Philadelphia store. Will Starbucks hold a “law enforcement education” day to correct the actions of their barista? Probably not.

Charlie Kirk of Fox News puts it best when he says:

The bottom line is that the prejudice that says all members of a group should be the targets of our hatred and be discriminated against is wrong and frankly, un-American – whether we’re talking about people from a particular racial, ethnic, religious or professional group.

Starbucks’ score of 1 is due to their contributions to leftist organizations such as Planned Parenthood, National Urban League, La Raza, and many other groups that are undermining conservative values. 

The 2ndVote research team is always looking for better alternatives to Starbucks, and we have added two great coffee companies to our company database this week. 

Black Rifle Coffee Company (3 – Neutral) and Blue Angel Coffee (3 – Neutral) offer excellent alternatives to Starbucks’ coffee and merchandise. Both of these coffee shops allow you to purchase coffee blends directly from their online stores and ship directly to your home.

It gets better. Both companies are affiliated with pro-law enforcement organizations and are owned and operated by veterans as well as law enforcement personnel. Their corporate donations speak for themselves as well. Black Rifle regularly donates their coffee to law enforcement agencies across the nation, and Blue Angel financially supports pro-police non-profit organizations. 

You can always find 2ndVote’s recommendations for coffee as well as other retailers, restaurants, and more on our Everyday Shopping Guide page. Other options for coffee include Krispy Kreme (3.3 – Lean Conservative), Peet’s (3 – Neutral), Tim Hortons (3 – Neutral), and Green Mountain Coffee (3 – Neutral). Whatever way you choose to get your cup of joe in the morning, just make sure you #DumpStarbucks for good!