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Does John Legend Really Believe Planned Parenthood Is Trying to ‘Protect the People?’

While certain Hollywood stars like Nick Cannon are not afraid to stand against Planned Parenthood, too many, like singer and actor John Legend, keep pushing the same familiar misinformation and talking points. For example, Legend recently said this about the abortion giant:

“[Planned Parenthood is] trying to protect the people from an oppressive government and from people that would want to take their rights away.”

The truth is that the only thing Planned Parenthood is focused on taking away is innocent lives. The organization performs over 320,000 abortions every year, equaling thirty percent of the nation’s total.

Legend went on to say:

“And so we all need to be involved and be vigilant and pay attention to what the government is doing under our name and with our money.”

And he’s exactly right about that. We do need to pay close attention to exactly what our money is funding. Remember that Planned Parenthood relies on numerous corporate supporters to succeed. Many major corporations that you shop with everyday donate to the organization either directly or through third party groups. Check out our research page here to find out which companies are behind our nation’s largest abortion provider. If we work together, we can begin to make a change.