L.L. Bean Stands Firm Against Liberal Bullies, Upholds Corporate Policy Protecting “Political Opinion”

L.L. Bean Stands Firm Against Liberal Bullies, Upholds Corporate Policy Protecting “Political Opinion”

In an age where the left and their corporate allies are constantly twisting definitions to create special statuses for any group that fits their agenda, one company is actually holding to a standard that makes sense.

L.L. Bean, the Maine-based outdoor clothing company, recently learned that its name had been added to the anti-Trump #Grabyourwallet boycott campaign. Why? Because just “one of the 50+ family members involved with the business, personally supported Donald Trump for President.” The #Grabyourwallet organizers are demanding that L.L. Bean fire Linda Bean, a granddaughter of the company’s founder, who sits on the Board of Directors.

However, L.L. Bean’s corporate Code of Conduct actually covers this very situation:

No person shall be subject to any discrimination in employment, including hiring, salary, benefits, advancement, discipline, termination or retirement, on the basis of gender, race, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, nationality, political opinion, or social or ethnic origin.

Companies like Target are bending over backwards to make men who want to use the women’s restroom a protected class at the bidding of the Human Right Campaign. And just like with #Grabyourwallet, we’ve seen the liberal bully machine crank up the faux-outrage campaign anytime an individual, a business, or even a state has a political opinion that HRC and the rest of the left doesn’t like. Yet, L.L. Bean is standing strong by publicly affirming Linda Bean’s right to political opinion and participation on her own terms. Furthermore, L.L. Bean having an HRC score of only 60 indicates that company leadership doesn’t roll over every time liberals make their threats.

All in all, it’s refreshing to see another company stand up to the left’s bully tactics, especially when it comes to protecting one of their own (we’re looking at you Mozilla).

Update: Be sure to see the newly added scorepage for L.L. Bean in our company database here.