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#LARRYNATION: Conservatives Calling Out ACC and Dr. Pepper For Moving Championship Game

The big Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) championship game takes place in Orlando, Florida this weekend. Originally scheduled to be held in North Carolina, the ACC announced back in September that it would be moving its championship game out in an attempt to punish the state over HB2, also known as the bathroom protection bill. Governor McCrory stood for common sense protections despite national pressure from the LGBT and business community, but the ACC proved that it puts a liberal agenda over safety protections for women and children.

Dr Pepper is the official sponsor of the ACC, which leaves room for questioning whether or not Dr Pepper feels the same about bathroom protections as the conference it is sponsoring. The Family Research Council is hosting a tweetfest using Dr Pepper’s official brand hashtag #LARRYNATION to question the company on its supposed values. Join the efforts to overwhelm Dr Pepper with a conservative presence on Twitter and show the ACC that conservative values will not be silenced by liberal bullies.

Be sure to check out Dr Pepper’s scorepage here to learn where the popular drink brand, owned by the Dr Pepper Snapple Group, stands on all the issues.