Last Year’s Planned Parenthood Videos Cut Deep, And It’s Time To Act Now

According to an article in The Stream, last year’s Planned Parenthood video scandal seemed to leave a stinging mark on half of the nation but somehow completely miss the other, as some demanded action while others turned their heads in disbelief or denial.

Today, the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) released its own video to summarize the events of last summer, in which Planned Parenthood executives appear to casually discuss the exchange of infant body parts for profit. CMP’s lead investigator, David Daleiden, stated:

“As more details and evidence continue to emerge… it’s clear Planned Parenthood is guilty of far more wrongdoing in their fetal harvesting scheme than anyone initially realized.”

In order to stop a beast like Planned Parenthood, we must take action and demand change. 2ndVote provides consumers with the necessary tools to track companies who are helping to fund this organization and its disgraceful agenda. To learn which corporations are using your dollars to further Planned Parenthood, see our resource page here. Read another article on the videos here.