Leaked Emails Show Libs See Common Core As ‘Political Third Rail’

Of the nearly 20,000 DNC email leaks, one explains the true reason Common Core was not included in their party platform:

“Common Core is a political third rail that we should not be touching at all. Get rid of it.”

In other words, the program is considered a dangerous topic to highlight, because in general, people hate Common Core. Whether it be Democrats or Republicans, it makes parents and teachers’ blood boil, and Dems do not want to deal with angry voters. Especially given the fact that presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton, (as noted by Truth in American Education) approves of the standards.

We have seen how Common Core is costing this country billions of dollars to implement, and yet, it is absolutely failing to do its job. Test scores have actually dropped for the first time in years, and even The Gates Foundation, who provided considerable funding for the implementation of Common Core, has admitted to the program’s failures. It is past time for this nation to start talking about what can be done to improve upon the educational system.

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