A Letter from 2ndVote’s Founder to the NFL’s Tennessee Titans

A Letter from 2ndVote’s Founder to the NFL’s Tennessee Titans

2ndVote’s founder and chairman Dr. David Black sent the following letter to the NFL’s Tennessee Titans:

March 27, 2018
RE: NFL Titans Season Tickets

Dear Titans Management,

Please find enclosed with this letter the following:

  1. My unused tickets for the 2017-18 season. Perhaps as an oversight these tickets were mis-printed.  The tickets indicated I would be attending a football game.  However, it turns out the tickets were really to attend a political protest that happened to be associated with a football game.  The protests were conducted by millionaires who play a game, and many who have had felony arrests for spousal abuse, drug abuse, sexual abuse and other crimes.  Although rich beyond the hopes of most Americans, they seem to think they have been treated “unfairly” by our American society and by law enforcement, and therefore have decided to not honor our nation’s flag or anthem.  Surprisingly, the NFL and Team owners have decided to agree with this political protest and not discipline or admonish this childish and unpatriotic behavior.  Indeed, I noted in the press the following statement from Titan millionaire Delanie Walker:

“And the fans that don’t want to come to the game? I mean, OK. Bye. I mean, if you feel that’s something, we’re disrespecting you, don’t come to the game. You don’t have to. No one’s telling you to come to the game. It’s your freedom of choice to do that.”

I just wish these words had been spoken before I had purchased my tickets last year!  Although I note the NLF and team owners are donating $89M to the NLFPA (which is associated with George Soros and his anti-American organizations), I sincerely doubt you will be kind enough to reimburse me the $6,000 I foolishly paid the Titans last year.

  1. Your request that I renew my four Club Seats for the upcoming football season is also being returned. I have purchased season tickets since the first year the franchise came to Nashville.  My family drove to Memphis for the first season’s games at the Liberty Bowl.  We attended all the games at Vanderbilt for the second season.  We have always been loyal fans.  We travelled to other cities for playoff games.  Actually, we have been with the Titans long before Delanie Walker ever showed up to invite us to stay home.  However, millionaire Walker is correct-if we don’t like the protests we need to stay home.
  2. I am returning the “gift package” received at the end of this past season. Funny that in all the years we have supported the Titans we have never received such a gift.  Perhaps our staying home and not attending was noticed?  Perhaps this is an effort to “make-up” for the offensive statements by Walker and the offending protests.  I am afraid my loyalty to the Titans was not due to any stuff that was given.  It was an appreciation of attending a sporting event that brought different people together and did not divide us.  It was a game that was supposed to bring out the best in all of us, not be a forum to present what some believe to be the worst of us.  It was opportunity to create new and unexpected friendships.

Finally, I close with this:

“It is the soldier, who salutes the flag, who serves beneath the flag, and whose coffin is draped by the flag, who allows the protester to burn the flag.”

I am a disabled Marine Corps Vietnam Veteran who had over 50,000 of my generation returned home and buried under the United States flag.  My wife’s father, who is 92, served in the Navy in the Pacific in WWII.  My mother’s father served in the Navy in WWI and WWII.  My mother and father served in the Navy in WWII.  My father was on the USS Pringle when it was sunk off of Okinawa by Japanese suicide aircraft and he saw 69 of his shipmates killed.  Our son served in the Navy during Desert Storm.  Perhaps you do not respect our flag and national anthem, but our family does.   And we are not prepared to pay any organization our money to attend an event that offends our family and all who have served and sacrificed for this nation.  Over 1,200,000 Patriots have sacrificed their lives creating and defending this great nation.  For each of them we owe our liberty and to each of them we owe our loyalty.

Dr. David L. Black
Gallatin, TN

United States Marine Corps (1966-70)
Vietnam (1968-69)

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