Levi’s: Blue-Collar Jeans with Left Coast Values

Levi’s: Blue-Collar Jeans with Left Coast Values

Levi Strauss & Co. may be responsible for the popularity of America’s most iconic clothing item. However, this Christmas, we urge you to shop elsewhere because while their jeans may be blue-collar, their corporate values are riveted to the Left Coast.

Levi’s values are perhaps no more obvious than when it comes to the Second Amendment. They prohibit legally owned guns in their stores and contribute to the ACLU. They also donated one million dollars to gun control efforts earlier this year, just weeks before pushing Get Out The Vote efforts.

But Levi’s is no better on the environment, marriage, life, education, immigration, or religious liberty. They support the Paris climate deal and asked the U.S. Supreme Court to redefine marriage in 2015. They match gifts to Planned Parenthood, and their ACLU dollars fund opposition to school choice and support for sanctuary cities. They are very active in federal and state efforts to undermine religious liberty and bathroom privacy for millions of Americans.

This Christmas, let Levi’s know that their single value should be providing great clothes to their customers. Their push for left-wing agendas is totally out of place and a direct attack on you, their customers. So let them know that you want them to change by shopping elsewhere!

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