Levi’s Executive Quits Over Company’s Insane COVID-19 Policies

Levi’s Executive Quits Over Company’s Insane COVID-19 Policies

Jennifer Sey doesn’t appear to be conservative. She was just another corporate executive with kids when the COVID-19 pandemic hit…and that’s when, according to Sey’s recent Substack post, the politically correct police came for her. Her mistake? Calling for an end to insane school policies that most hurt those who have been left behind by forced closures, masking, and more.

Sey’s piece goes into detail. First it was colleagues, then Levi’s (1.00) legal and HR departments, then a board member. Finally, the CEO called her, demanding she keep her mouth shut. 

Meantime, colleagues posted nonstop about the need to oust Trump in the November election. I also shared my support for Elizabeth Warren in the Democratic primary and my great sadness about the racially instigated murders of Ahmaud Arbery and George Floyd. No one at the company objected to any of that.

Then, in October 2020, when it was clear public schools were not going to open that fall, I proposed to the company leadership that we weigh in on the topic of school closures in our city, San Francisco. We often take a stand on political issues that impact our employees; we’ve spoken out on gay rights, voting rights, gun safety, and more. 

After Sey went on the conservative Laura Ingraham show, the gloves came off. She was told to claim she wasn’t a good “black ally,” even though she had led company racial equality efforts and has two black kids. Even though she had helped the company grow during the pandemic, after 20 years as part of the team she was not good enough…because she put kids over politics.

The reason Levi’s is a “1.00” on the 2ndVote ranking system is because executives like Sey pushed climate change alarmism, gun control, and other bad policies using customer money. Now, she’s learned what happens when you aren’t the “right” kind of liberal…and the company has learned what happens when you push some people too far.

As always, 2ndVote urges companies like Levi to put customers over politics. They’re now seeing the consequences of ignoring us – bad press, the loss of a skilled executive, and the destruction of kids’ lives. Let them know that you won’t support their business as their political agenda becomes more important than their customers!