LGBT Groups Take Corporate Support, Attack Freedom of Speech {Issue: Basic Freedoms}

Rainbow and Gavel

LGBT Groups Take Corporate Support, Attack Freedom of Speech {Issue: Basic Freedoms}

In case you haven’t noticed the garish rainbow marketing materials, television commercials, and social media, it’s “Pride” month. Countless major corporations have updated their branding to show their support for the LGBT movement.

These days, many LGBT activists show their “pride” by violating Americans’ freedom of expression. Remember Christian baker Jack Phillips, who chose not to make a wedding cake for a gay wedding? Even though the Supreme Court ruled in his favor on his right to speech, he got hit with another lawsuit soon after being ambushed by a gender identity activist. And a few weeks ago, Phillips revealed that his shop has been vandalized and that he has received numerous death threats.

The LGBT movement gained public support in the U.S. by asking for tolerance and the legal right to “marry” people of the same sex. Just six years later, the movement’s leaders threaten your basic First Amendment rights with the support of dozens of major corporations. Just look at the list of donors to the deceptively named Human Rights Campaign, one of the largest and most powerful LGBT activist groups in America which wants to eliminate Christians’ free speech on marriage and sexuality. Financial institutions like Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, defense contractors like Northrop Grumman, pharmaceutical giants like Pfizer, and oil companies like Shell all contribute to the organization’s $45-million budget.

Fortunately, Christians are fighting back. Organizations like the Religious Liberty Coalition are working to protect churches, businesses, and advocacy groups from frivolous lawsuits. The RLC is a robust coalition of churches, pastors, ministry leaders, and people of Christian faith that provides legal assistance, educational resources, and a support network of fellow like-minded believers across industries and institutions.

It’s a good thing that organizations like the RLC are around because values-driven businesses are under more pressure than ever. Earlier this month, Burger King attacked its competitor Chick-fil-A on Twitter for representing Christian values, and promised to donate to – you guessed it – the “Human Rights” Campaign.