Lib Enviros Make Punishing ExxonMobil Key Plank of DNC Platform


On Saturday, the Democratic Platform Drafting Committee released a final draft of the party’s platform, which included this curious highlight:

Another joint proposal calling on the Department of Justice to investigate alleged corporate fraud on the part of fossil fuel companies who have reportedly misled shareholders and the public on the scientific reality of climate change was also adopted by unanimous consent.

Now, questions have been raised as to the political motivations behind the subpoenas of conservative groups during investigations of ExxonMobil by multiple state Attorneys General. Given the timing, ExxonMobil appears to be one of the fossil fuel companies to which this proposal would refer.

Interestingly, 2ndVote has found that just weeks before the final draft of the platform was approved, several leaders of liberal environmentalist groups went on the record to advocate for the inclusion of more aggressive environmental policies. An article published by The Nation on June 3, 2016 said:

“Climate groups want the Democratic platform to decisively close the “all of the above” chapter by calling for a full transition to renewable energy. Some are asking the party to endorse a specific timeline for doing so. One benchmark that’s been laid out by NextGen Climate Action, the group funded by the activist donor Tom Steyer, is for half of the country’s energy to come from zero-carbon sources by the year 2030, and 100 percent by 2050.”

Other quotes within the article paint a convincing picture that environmentalists are investing in the outcome of the 2016 Presidential Election for the opportunities to push their agenda:

Michael Brune, Sierra Club
“It’ll be won or lost both at the ballot box, and then right after, and [it depends on] the degree to which our movement is sophisticated enough to hold progressive Democrats and conservative Democrats accountable to the ecological imperative—what the world actually needs.”

Karthik Ganapathy,
“[our organization is] interested in seeing Democrats formally make aggressive action to combat climate change a cornerstone of their party’s platform…. We’re interested in seeing ambition—not just vague platitudes about solar panels.”

Additionally, Greenpeace, another liberal environmental organization testified before the platform committee just a week before the platform draft was released. During the hearing, Greenpeace asked the committee add considerations for the prosecution of corporate climate skeptics like ExxonMobil., the Sierra Club, Greenpeace, and Tom Steyer’s own foundation, TomKat, were all identified in a scathing report on the so-called ‘Billionaires Club’, a network of wealthy environmental groups that control the environmental movement. It was this group that The Daily Caller reported as the financial backers of the attacks on ExxonMobil back in November, 2015.

Furthermore, The Nation reports that Bill McKibben, the founder of, has a seat on the platform committee.

Furthermore, The Nation reports that Bill McKibben, the founder of, has a seat on the platform committee.

These entanglements appear to confirm suspicions that the persecution of ExxonMobil was indeed coordinated by liberal environmental activists as a way to exact retribution from supposed ‘climate change deniers’. Conservatives should be asking the question: When corporations align with radical environmentalists, do they support ideologically driven prosecutions of companies and individuals that disagree on this issue?

See a selection of companies below that help fund or partner with the Sierra Club and Greenpeace, and be sure to check out 2ndVote’s scorepage to see where all the companies stand on environmental issues.

Sierra Club
Deutsche Bank
Freddie Mac

American Express
Freddie Mac
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