Liberal Companies Love Tax Cuts Despite Funding Opposition

Liberal Companies Love Tax Cuts Despite Funding Opposition

Earlier this week, Southwest Airlines announced its employees would receive a one-time $1,000 bonus thanks to the GOP’s tax bill. Not to be outdone, competitor American Airlines announced its employees would also receive a $1,000 bonus just hours later.

Southwest Airlines and American Airlines join AT&T, Boeing, Comcast, Fifth Third Bancorp, and Wells Fargo as major corporations to publicly announce employee bonuses and additional investments in business growth as a direct result of the tax cuts. That’s 7 companies on the record leveraging conservative principles for the benefit of their businesses.

Ironically, many of these companies are also funding the left’s efforts to fight against conservative principles, especially on the issue of tax reform.

American Airlines, AT&T, and Wells Fargo are all corporate sponsors of the leftist Human Rights Campaign (HRC), the LGBT advocacy organization behind the movement to undermine laws defining marriage between one man and one woman. HRC is also leading the legal battle to mandate cake bakers in Colorado be forced to participate in same-sex weddings despite their religious beliefs upholding traditional marriage.

However, HRC’s agenda is not limited to LGBT issues. Last year, this group partnered with the Women’s March to organize protests against the Trump administration and the GOP’s legislative agenda. Most recently, HRC directly lobbied against the tax cuts that are already benefiting the employees of these companies:

Additionally, Comcast, Boeing, Fifth Third Bancorp, and Southwest Airlines are corporate sponsors of UnidosUS, the organization formerly known as La Raza that is a top proponent of sanctuary city policies. UnidosUS is responsible for spreading misinformation about the tax cuts. Apparently, these liberals hate the idea that “more than $750 billion in tax cuts for big corporations” would lead to a tangible financial benefit for the employees of these companies.

And not only the employees at these 7 companies, but the very customers served by these companies also will also see a benefit to their personal finances because of the tax cuts. For example, a portion of every dollar saved or deposited at Wells Fargo is being used to fight the tax reform that will improve the bottom line for all working Americans. To put it another way, the donations made by Wells Fargo to HRC are made with from the dollars that originally belonged to its customers and HRC will use those dollars to harm Wells Fargo customers and employees. The same can be said for a portion of every fare purchased on American Airlines.

Isn’t it time Wells Fargo, American Airlines, and the rest of these companies stopped using your dollars to finance the left’s agenda?

The scorepages for all of these (liberal) companies include contact buttons to let them know why their support for liberal organizations like HRC and UnidosUS is a waste of money. Will you help us today be sending them a message?

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