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Bank of America, JPMorganChase Sponsor Environmentalist Gathering “Climate Week NYC”

Environmentalists are gathering this week for “Climate Week NYC”, an annual project held in New York by a liberal organization called The Climate Group.

Not surprisingly, many of the topics discussed will include the typical “green” laundry list: cap-and-trade, carbon taxes,and so on. Last year’s event even featured the President of the National Farmers Union blaming geo-political events like the Arab Spring uprisings on climate change.

The theme of this year’s Climate Week is “America Means Business: US leadership in a post-Paris world,” a nod to last year’s Paris Climate Agreement that essentially accomplishes nothing. Even liberal groups like Think Progress have admitted that the agreement lacks any meaningful enforcement mechanism.

Of course, the radical environmentalism on display at Climate Week NYC wouldn’t be possible if not for the support of corporate donors. Below you’ll find a list of the corporate sponsors who help fund this week’s liberal agenda, several of which are scored in 2ndVote’s database.

Bank of America | Platinum Sponsor
JPMorgan Chase & Co. | Affiliate Sponsor
National Geographic | Supporting Partner
Pfizer | Supporting Sponsor
Siemens | Platinum Sponsor
Bambeco | Platinum Sponsor
SolarCity | Gold Sponsor
Ecoact | Affiliate Sponsor
SunPower | Affiliate Sponsor
Bank of the West | Supporting Sponsor
Covestro | Supporting Sponsor
Strata Solar | Supporting Sponsor
International Copper Association | Lunch Sponsor
Sustainable Coffee Challenge | Coffee Break Sponsor
COP22 | Supporting Partner
Sustainable Development Goals | Supporting Sponsor
We Mean Business | Supporting Partner
Greenstone | Event Footprint Partner
Philips Lighting | Platinum Sponsor