Liberal #WearOrange Groups Immediately Politicize Orlando Nightclub Atrocity

As most Americans were expressing shock and grief in the wake of the horrific attack on an Orlando nightclub, many of the organizations that participated in the #WearOrange campaign earlier this month began intentionally shifting the narrative in efforts to politicize the costliest terror attack on US soil since 9/11.

Just hours after the attack, while law enforcement was uncovering evidence that linked the suspect to ISIS and extremist ideology, many of these liberal organizations were releasing statements that called for new gun laws and some were even insinuating that the National Rifle Association somehow bore responsibility.

Below are some of the more blatant attempts to push their anti-gun agenda and distract from the true causes of Sunday morning’s heartbreaking events.

Coalition to Stop Gun Violence
Several members of the CSGV, like the YWCA and National Urban League, get financial support from many of the corporations in 2ndVote’s database. Yesterday, CSGV released a shockingly naïve statement that has not been updated that pondered “the shooter and his possible motives” while blaming “failure to pass stronger gun laws”.

Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown posted this recklessly speculative tweet:

Right about now, the @NRA and their henchmen will start blaming the victims. Don’t listen to them. #OrlandoUnited
9:54 AM – 13 Jun 2016

New Yorkers Against Gun Violence
At least New Yorkers Against Gun Violence were bold enough to use the “T-word”, but not in the way a sensible person might think in this tweet:

NRA is America’s #HomegrownTerrorist organization.
12:31 PM – 12 Jun 2016

Brady Campaign
The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, which was actually founded as the National Council to Control Handguns, also blamed the State of Florida’s gun laws in a statement that said, “Florida’s approach to gun laws does nothing to prevent these types of tragedies.”

Orlando experienced a truly horrific Sunday morning this past weekend and innocent people lost their lives because of a madman who appears to be connected to radical terror groups. The issues surrounding this atrocity are much more complex than a gun policy debate and it is unfortunate that these groups would exploit such an event to score political points.